Life Insurance

Create a lifeline that will last a lifetime

We know you can’t put a dollar amount on your family, but you can ensure their future is protected. And though costs are a real concern for most people considering life insurance, it never costs as much as you think.

It happens more often than you think…

Buying life insurance is not a topic most people enjoy. It’s hard to think about your life ending, especially if you have kids, a spouse, or other loved ones in your life. If people you care about depend on you, making sure you have life insurance is one of your most important responsibilities.  Because of this, many people wait too long to consider buying life insurance or do not review their existing policies to determine if they need more coverage or if it's a good time to rewrite those policies as they near their expiration. .

Life insurance is something that is often misunderstood. Many people believe its sole purpose is to provide financial support to your family should you pass on earlier than expected. While that is one example of how life insurance can be used, there are many others as well. For Example.

  • Replacing the income of a breadwinner should they pass on
  • To pay off debts such as a mortgage, vehicle loans, or credit card debit
  • To create an estate that is passed on to your family or an organization
  • To transfer wealth
  • To build a savings with tax advantages
  • To fund college
  • To fund a buy/sell agreement
  • To fund the replacement and training of a key employee

These are just a few of the reasons people and businesses buy life insurance.

When you discuss life insurance with us, you can be assured you're speaking to a considerate and compassionate agent who will help you find the right insurance policy for you.

Types of Life Insurance

  • Term Life insurance is purchased for a limited period, usually five years to 30 years. This is “pure insurance” that only includes a death benefit and doesn’t build any cash value.
  • Whole Life insurance allows you to build tax-deferred cash value that can be used for a family’s loss of income, mortgage costs, or educational needs, even before a death has occurred.
  • Universal life insurance provides a death benefit throughout your lifetime and has a cash value component as well. It is somewhat like Whole Life but has more options such as variable payments among others.

No matter the situation, it is important to know what type of policy best suits your needs, the amount of coverage desired, and most importantly, who the beneficiary(ies) wil be.

We have access to all the Major Companies. Please contact us and one of our helpful agents can help you learn more about purchasing a life insurance policy. Having peace of mind knowing that when you leave this world, your family won’t be burdened with your financial hardships.

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